EFCA Conference 2017 - “Global challenges – sustainable solutions: the role of cities, companies and consultants”

The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, FRI, hosted the annual EFCA Conference 2017. On this page we have gathered the presentations from all the speakers at the conference together with photos and testimonials from the participants.

Global challenges and the demand for sustainable solutions will drive business opportunities and create challenges for Consulting engineering firms across Europe. How to position ourselves as an industry and as individual firms in a changing marketplace was some of the key takeaways from the EFCA Conference 2017.

The seventeen global Sustainable Development Goals, that were decided by the United Nations before the end of 2015, set an ambitious, yet necessary, agenda for global development. For Europe the Sustainable Development Goals is just one driver of change. Another is the Paris Agreement on climate change. A third is the changing business environment, where it is no longer decisions by nations but decisions made by cities, regions and companies across Europe, across the world, that is in fact driving change.

Summary of the EFCA conference “Global challenges – sustainable solutions: the role of cities companies and consultants” on June 2nd 2017

07. november 2017

The conference illustrated the key role played by consulting engineering companies in addressing climate change: adaptation, mitigation and sustainability. But we also got a picture of why the agenda is difficult to handle and ...

EFCA Business Day

31. juli 2017

Find the presentations from the workshops: Opportunities in EU procurement rules, Developing projects in Low and Middle Income countries, Sustainable infrastructure of cities and BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Main Conference

19. juni 2017

Find the presentations from the conference Global challenges – sustainable solutions: the role of cities, companies and consultants


19. juni 2017

Read testimonials about the conference

Films from the main conference

19. juni 2017

Here you can watch the films made by Rambøll and Orbicon.