The daily administration of FRI is carried out by the secretariat.
Henrik Garver 2018         Henrik Garver
        Managing director
        Cand.scient.pol., MBA
        Phone: 35 25 37 42
Ulla Sassarsson         Ulla Sassarsson
        Deputy director
        Attorney at Law
        Sekretary for the Contracts Committee
        Phone: 35 25 37 41
Inge Ebbensgaard         Inge Ebbensgaard
Director for Building and Construction Policy
        M.Sc. Economic Marketing
        Sekretary for the Construction Committee
        Phone: 35 25 37 43
Ulrik Ryssel Albertsen         Ulrik Ryssel Albertsen
Business Policy Director
        M.Sc. in Social Science, BSc in Political Science
        Secretary for the Environment & Climate Committee and the            International Market Committee
        Phone: 35 25 37 44
Majbritt Juul         Majbritt Juul
        Director for Energy Policy and Sustainability Business Administration and Commercial Law
        Secretary for the Energy Committee 
        Phone: 35 25 37 46
Jakob Dorph Broager

        Jakob Dorph Broager
        Political Economic Consultant
        MA in Analytical Journalism, LLM in European Law
        Secretary for the Infrastrukture Committee and FRI YP
        Phone: 35 25 37 45

Tine Lautrup Christensen         Tine Lautrup Christensen
        MA Communications
        Phone: 35 25 37 32
Gitte Hartmeyer         Gitte Hartmeyer
        Phone: 35 25 37 33    
Winnie Toft        Winnie Toft
       : 35 25 37 34