Building and Planning, 2012

This description of services serves as a basis for providing consultancy in connection with building and planning projects.

This description of service serves as a basis for providing consultancy in connection with building and planning.

Description of service: "Building and Planning, 2012"

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The description of services does not refer to legislation and regulations governing specific building projects or public sector building projects. Such legislation and regulations are assumed to serve as the basis for the actual building project.

The description of services is prepared with a view to defining roles and the division of services between consultants and client and between individual consultants. Moreover, the description of services is prepared in particular with a view to defining responsibility and services for design manager, design consultants, project follow-up, construction management and technical supervision.

The description of services is also to be used for both large and small-scale - complex and less complex - building projects as a frame of reference for determining services in the specific consultancy agreement.

Services, cf. sections 1 and 5-8, are only included to the extent that they have been specified and fees agreed between the parties.

The consultant's services and fees are contractually based on ABR 89 ("General Conditions for Consulting Services").

Agreements should be drawn up using the standard form of agreement prepared by FRI (Danish Association of Consulting Engineers) and DANSKE ARK (Danish Association of Architectural Firms).

It should be noted that services provided by the consultant comprise only services within the consultant's field as expressly specified in the consultancy agreement.

An ICT services specification should be prepared in connection with agreements for digital design and provision of digital project data, possibly in accordance with bips (construction - IT - productivity - cooperation) publication F202 and related project-specific description.

ICT is an abbreviation for information and communication technology.

FRI and DANSKE ARK issue individual codes of practice for a number of specific areas.

DANSKE ARK has prepared
"Byfornyelse" (Urban renewal),
"Produktudvikling" (Product development) and "Ydelsesbeskrivelse for arbejdsmiljø på byggepladsen" (Description of services for occupational health and safety on building sites).

DANSKE ARK and FRI have drawn up a general description of services for "Client Consultancy", and "Som udført" (As built) as well as "Anlæg og Planlægning" (Construction and planning).

Those avaliable in English can be found on our list of publications.

Reference is made to the websites of the organisations at:

Moreover, the codes of practice of other organisations may be relevant, e.g.: "Møbeludvikling og produktdesign" (Furniture development and product design) (Danish Designers).

The general organisation of the building project, including calls for tender for a specialist, large, general, turnkey or partnering contract, is not described. Reference is made to the description of services for "Client Consultancy" in this respect.