News from EFCA and FIDIC

Internationally, the interests of FRI's member companies are handled through EFCA in the EU and through FIDIC worldwide.

In the EU, the interests of FRI companies are taken care of through the European organization EFCA, where coordinating work takes place on a European level, e.g. about responsibilities, just as EFCA closely follows and influences new measures from the EU. Find the newsletter from EFCA at the bottom of this page. 

Worldwide, FRI is a member of FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils), which contributes to spreading the knowledge of the consulting engineers towards e.g. development banks, ministries etc., just as it is a forum for drawing up internationally used contract bases. Find the newsletter from FIDIC at the bottom of this page. 

You can find recordings of FIDIC events on FIDIC's YouTube channel below.